Monday, December 10, 2012

Adventures in 15-year-old Boys

So, we love HaRim. 

In a BIG way. 

And couldn't imagine our lives these days without him. He makes us laugh until we cry, and sometimes asks questions that make us incredibly uncomfortable - wondering whether his parents realized that they hadn't had much of "the talk" with him before passing him along to us. Yes, you assume correctly. 

This weekend he inquired about how people keep from having a baby. And Patrick patiently sat while I squirmed in my seat, trying to figure out how on earth to break the news to him. You know, the news about birth control.

Sensing my hesitation, HaRim gently reminded me "It's okay, I'm old enough. You can tell me."

Which made my armpits sweat a little bit more, and I might have peed in my pants a little bit. 

Sweet, sweet HaRim. The light of our lives. Having to introduce birth control to a child that you know should have learned it from his parents, his older brother, school... anyone but me really. Because I do not yet have answers for these questions. In fact, I might not ever have answers to these questions.

"Well HaRim, there is a pill you can take" was all I could muster. 

"Does it kill the baby?"

"No, you take it every day, kind of like a vitamin. So when you're ready to have a baby, you stop taking it." I couldn't bear to introduce his other options - the pill just seemed to be the most "kid" friendly in my mind. Not like any birth control is "kid-friendly". 

But I think he got the hint that I was uncomfortable. And being a baby about having "adult" conversations. 

But I only feel 16! I don't feel 27. I can't be expected to act like an age that I don't feel, Right? Gosh, I'm such a kid! And have zero maturity. In fact, I pleaded with Patrick (albeit silently) to save me from this conversation. And you know what? He wouldn't do it. He let me 'man up' all on my own. Jerk.

So enjoy the comments below that HaRim has made recently that we've found funny. But recognize that none were as awkward and funny as our talk on birth control. 

"I think my fat is too heavy"

"Do I need to decorate myself for dinner?"

"You know we have same baby taste"

"I practiced Piano Man, and added my own POW POW POW"

"Bailey is a big cat. I've never seen one like her. She's very special."

After falling over Lucy, he said "Yeah, that was kind of strange. And kind of hurt. If I was grandpa I would die."

"She made me a large back. I mean, she spread my back." Umm that's what she said?

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