Thursday, January 26, 2012

Freshen Up Your Work-out Routine

Everyone, meet Ginny. (She's the one between Susan and I on the left and middle photo strips).

Because I feel like I would do everyone that knows me a disservice by not introducing you to her. Because I love her and little does she realize, but she is a big part of why I am 100 times happier today than I was in October. She is a gem.

Ginny and I work together in the wonderful world of marketing automation. And on Mondays and Wednesdays she is my work-out buddy. And because not every woman wakes up with this insatiable desire to be an Ironman triathlete, they need a friend like Ginny. Who loves to get fresh air, take walks, and shame you into doing more challenging exercises.

My pitiful bi-ceps took a beating when she became my friend. And I can't decide if I love her or hate her for that.

This week we took on some new exercise territory, and I think we've both been limping around and secretly crying at our desks because of how sore we are. So I thought it would be fair to give all 3 of you that read this some good fodder for your next workout. Just on the off chance that you want to feel like your abs have been gouged out with an ice pick.


1. Planks on a Bosu ball. We did three different sets of bringing our knees straight up, out to the side, and then across our chest. They are pretty tough because the bosu ball means you're having to keep your core super tight in order to steady yourself and lift a foot off the ground. At the end I attempted to do a few push-ups but I only ended up going about halfway down for a solid 3 because my whole body was shaking. 
 2. Lateral burpees. And yes they are just as terrible as they look. Do as many as you can stand. Then stop and let your breathing get back to normal before doing another set.

3. Take a medicine ball or kettle bell and swing it slowly around your head. Keep your abs engaged the whole time and your feet firmly planted. Do 3 sets of ten in each direction.
 4. Single-Arm Hang Snatch. This exercise is tough. I feel it today in my arms, shoulders, glutes, and inner thighs. It has been a long time since my thighs hurt this much. I used a little heavier weight than I'd use for bicep curl, but not the heaviest I could stand. A 7-8 pound weight was perfect for me, and allowed me to do 3 sets of 10 or 15 on each side. 

Good luck with your next work-out! Feel free to shoot me any great exercises that you've found as I'm always look to improve my work-outs.

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