Wednesday, January 11, 2012


About two weeks ago, the company I work for hit a big milestone. It's one we've been working towards for awhile, and there was all kinds of chatter as to what would happen when we actually got there. When it came, the day involved a champagne celebration at the office, with the promise of a smashing party to come.

And smashing it was.

We rented out Tongue and Groove, a swanky club/bar in Atlanta. The place was really beautiful. We had a DJ, killer food stations, alcohol flowing like milk and honey, and a few other little amenities pictured below. I'm fortunate enough to get to work with lots of folks close to my age, so we all have a great time together. And everyone is hilarious so that just adds volumes of value to these kickin' work parties.

The fire dancer and aerialist. And yes this happened. At a work party. And it was better than it looks.

 Ryan and Vincent killin' it on the raised platform where the fire dancer was dancing.

This is Ginny and I enjoying the music, food and drinks. Open bars are a wonderful thing. But not quite as wonderful as working with great friends.

This is Adam, our COO, handing out "Pundees" (like "The Office's" "dundees") to every employee.

Here are some great photos from the free photo booth available all night.

My award. "The Pardotter Globetrotter." And the trophy that everyone got was a symbol of the culture blog that me and a fellow co-worker started called "The Pardot Wave." 

And aside from our take-home trophies, we also got hoodies to sport because today is "National Hoodie Day."So if you're looking for a job with sweet parties, people that like to have fun, drink,  dance, trophies, flame throwers, and photo booths...then you should apply to work with me. Because it's awesome. And you'd be crazy not to love it.

And if that didn't sell you, the free catered breakfast each day might also pique your interest.

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