Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Colorado Highlights

Last week Patrick and I went to Vail, CO with my dad, Jill, Libby Gray, Walter, and Tom. It's a family tradition that has blessed me in countless ways and I feel incredibly blessed to get to go each year. And yes, I used the word "blessed" twice. Sorry Patrick. His word choice lessons have obviously failed me.

I wanted to give you a few iPhone snapshots I took while I was gone, because you've obviously been DYING to see what mountains and snow look like. Things that are completely foreign to Atlanta these days, unfortunately. Just envision what 4 degrees feels like while you read this...

The two highlights (that are not photographed below) were me riding a chairlift with some random folks that thought I was their friend Rachel, whom I have now deemed as my alter-ego. I got offered weed, and also included in conversations about what 10 hits of acid makes you do. Apparently Rachel has an acid problem. Or did have an acid problem. My dad was at the hospital getting an MRI (highlight #2) for his dislocated shoulder and torn rotator cuff, and was checking out next to a girl named Rachel who had a blown out knee. And when asked if there was anyone that could pick her up, she responded with "no one reliable." To which we obviously drew the conclusion that it had to be the same "Rachel." My poor dad has to have surgery in the next week to repair his shoulder, but should be fully recovered before next ski season. Not that his injury prevented him from skiing and enjoying this ski season. 3 cheers for dedicated skiers.

We look like ax murderers.

TERRIBLE quality but it's the only family shot I have, so I had to include it.

The ground in most of Vail is heated, so you can see which part is heated here and which part isn't.

Mine and Patrick's room after 2 days. This is only my stuff. Yikes.

There are several other pics that I didn't have on Facebook, but unfortunately my phone is currently rebelling against me and refusing to release them. So I'll be back to add a few more later. 

Happy sunshine everyone! I'm off to uncovering the mystery of APIs. 

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