Thursday, December 2, 2010

Earring Love

So if you know me, you know I love jewelry- especially earrings. So for my Middle East trip this year, I thought I'd make some fun things to sell as a fundraiser. So here are the pairs I have so far! Hobby Lobby ran out of the things I use to make them, so I'll have to go buy more supplies tomorrow. Tell me what you think!


Whittaker Woman said...

I love them! Great colors too! Great idea! H

Hannah DeVries said...

I will definitely buy some! You support me...I support you:) Email me ( when you are ready to take orders!

Carly said...

I actually bought some just like them on Etsy but I would much rather buy some more from you! Please let me know how much and when I can buy them... any possible way to get them by Christmas? no worries if you cant. Let me know and I'll even come pick them up from you.

p.s. what Hobby Lobby did you go to... is it near you? The closest one I know of is Perimeter and the traffic there drives me crazy!

Mary said...

I've posted everything on etsy- Carly- YES you can get them the day you order them pretty much. Or if you want me to mail them I can put them in whenever you know what you want! Just let me know.

Hobby Lobby- I went to the one of the East West Connector. Its about the same distance from Vinings as the Perimeter one, but no traffic. It does feel like you're driving to the middle of nowhere though.

Thanks for the compliments everyone!

Paige said...

I LOVE mine! Thank you!