Sunday, December 12, 2010

Are we getting it yet?

First of all, I love my church. It is full of hundreds of people who are radical lovers of God and catalysts for world-wide revival. Watching everyone extravagantly worship each Sunday is one of my favorite things. There is not one person who isn't singing, dancing, jumping, or laying on the floor. I love watching people who are so captivated by God's presence.

With that said, God created us in His likeness. He blessed us and said that we are good. He thought of us before the foundations of the earth, and formed us in our mother's wombs. In Genesis 1, God was without us and He didn't like it. We are important to Him. We bear His image and are carriers of His glory.

I have friends that run in lots of different "Christian" circles, and I always enjoy hearing what they're learning and how they're growing. But if there's one thing that I notice that's inconsistent, it's how people view themselves.

What you behold you become.

If we sit here and stare at our sin and examine it over and over, how can we expect to be or act any differently? When we become Christians, we are given a completely new identity. And if I continually want to become like Christ, why not behold Him? Spend time in His presence. Get to know Him. It's Him that transforms us into His likeness (2 Cor. 3:17), not magnifying our own sin.

We have to know who God is and we have to know who God says that we are. It seems foolish to pay attention to anything else.

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Sam said...

this is so legit mary. thanks for this. i can use the reminder!