Friday, December 17, 2010


So if you're wondering what I do all day, it's this:

I hold Bailey. Our 16 pound tortoise shell cat, who is as sweet as can be, but always wants to be between you and whatever you're doing. Bailey's a little high maintenance, odd, and full of love. Here's why:

She insists on pulling sweaters and jackets off the shelf in the closet, then bringing them to the couch to lay on. Usually this is more funny than frustrating- but I just wish she'd put them back.

This is her helping with the dishes.

Then helping check expiration dates in the fridge. What would we do without her? 

Chewing off the tops of the flowers. It's okay, those weren't my favorite flowers anyways.

This is her helping Paris Hilton- last year's Christmas tree. And by helping I mean chewing off the branches. Then she'd drink all the water in the tree stand each day...took us awhile to realize our tree wasn't super thirsty, we just had a sneeky cat. 

And last but not least, this is her telling Patrick how much she loves him. 


Dana said...

In this last picture, it looks like she is finishing off the last of Patrick's eyeball.

Paige said...

SO cute!