Monday, August 16, 2010

Ok, I guess I do want to write a book.

But what in the world do I write about?

A book about desserts, working out (well, thinking about it anyways), traveling and my pet cat would not make for a good story. I believe I've had some cool experiences, but how do you know what experiences are worth pulling from? How do you develop your own style or format? Do you focus more on external dialog or mental processing? Making relatable characters is hugely important, but I feel like I mostly relate to females between the ages of 16-24. I like girls that are prissy, that wear make-up, like to shop, listen to pop, paint their toenails and watch reality TV. Ones that are fairly insecure but can act secure around the best of them. Ones that will give up any responsibility for a good conversation. Who would spend a never-ending budget on Starbucks white chocolate mochas and caramel macchiatos. Who like to go on dates and have boyfriends and go to every party. Girls that have yet to really find their place in the world. Girls who've had hard times and come from broken homes, but will do anything to keep that from holding them back. Those are the people I relate to.

But let's be honest, that would make for a pretty superficial and LAME book.

I want to write an epic story, like The Kite Runner, or A Thousand Splendid Suns. Books that appeal to all generations and cut through any racism or cultural norms. That change lives and make people see the world differently.

I don't just want to write about a suburban white family because that is my life and my experience. I know there is more, and I know I'm going to have to utilize unique life circumstances around me to pull from. Here are some people I'd love to pull from:

Nuna in Beirut- Her mom died when she was young, and she was left to raise her brothers and take care of her father. She has 5 kids, is fluent in Arabic, French and English, and is a powerhouse of a woman. She'll go anywhere and do anything. Her husband is the softer one, but she is soft too if you can push thru the exterior. She's hard to read, always gets straight to the point, but will be the first to sacrifice if anyone needs something.

Lydia- Her family is Syrian, she was born in the States, but has lived in Kuwait her whole life...until now. Her brother has been in the States for college and her family wants to move here from Kuwait. Her family is funny, talkative, loud and incredibly hospitable. She's traveled the world and slides seamlessly between cultures and groups of people.

Jonathan and Sarah (who might read this)- He spent time in South America, and she spent time in Egypt. He proposed in Egypt and they got married in Colorado. They spent time in Georgia, moved to Turkey for almost a year, and are now back. She has worked and managed coffee shops all over Atlanta and has most recently been working for Goodwill as a Case Manager.

I'd love to include Omar, Alan, LeAnn, Kylene, Lisa and Dave too if possible. The only thing everyone has in common is living in exotic places. So I have one piece to my plot. Travel.

And maybe the main character will be female.

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