Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Kingdom Come...NOW.

One of the songs that I've been playing on repeat since I've been home from the Middle East is the song "Your Kingdom Come" by Michael Larson. This song only has two lines that repeat for 4 minutes... "Your Kingdom come Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

At first glance those words are simple.

The words "Your Kingdom come" are spoken in almost every church in America, and so few of us really understand what they mean. And even though some declare it while praying the Lord's Prayer, they don't actually want to see that happen.  It just sounds catchy and is part of a prayer that everyone seems to have memorized at some point while growing up, but for some reason it hasn't reached our core yet. It hasn't gone past the words and into our hearts and then overflowed into our lifestyle.

When I heard this song first in the Middle East, it practically took my breath away. I was in a living room with 40 other believers from every nation you can imagine: Congo, South Africa, Canada, India, England, Syria, etc. And these believers didn't just know this song with their minds. It had already sunk deep into their souls and I could tell by listening that it was their greatest heart cry. That the Kingdom would manifest itself in a tangible way in ****.  They lived a lifestyle there of revival. They saw miracles DAILY. They weren't intimidated by the Muslim nature of the country because they knew the love of God could touch anyone.

Listening to them sing this song and make declarations over their country and what they wanted to see happen in the people there...I started to see how real this body of believers was. How hungry they were. How they yearned for only the Kingdom and God's love, nothing else. I've never seen such hunger before. I had watched them live out this lifestyle of revival day after day, but it was this song that really displayed the insatiable thirst they had for the Living God. They knew that the Kingdom of God was at hand. They knew that God wanted to show His love to His people, and so my friends declared with relentless passion that the Kingdom of God would be tangibly displayed in the Middle East. That God would make Himself known in the hearts of His people. That He'd show up in dreams and visions and through words of knowledge and prophecy. That they would know who to talk to and when, in order to intersect the work God had already begun in someone's life.

These believers were unstoppable. And they weren't letting up.

So this song, and what this song stirred up in me and in those around me- has changed my life. After encountering God through this lens, I will never and can never be the same. God is just too good. So open the floodgates of heaven and let it rain.

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