Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Focused Obsession

Although lame, I feel the need to admit that I'm completely obsessed with Twilight. Yes the teeny-bopper vampire romance with Edward Cullen has captured my heart. I read the first two books while in the Middle East, then promptly read the third when I got home. I'm holding off on the fourth book because I think Patrick wants his wife back.

Let's discuss why I am enamored by these stories.

First of all - Stephenie Meyer is a fabulous writer. She gives just enough description, but not so much that you feel the need to skip pages. She finds ways to touch on every emotion I've ever felt, and continually engages me on so many levels. I love the character descriptions, suspense, emotional relate-ability, and plot twists.

Secondly - Bella Swan. I love how real she is. And Kristen Stewart was cast perfectly for the role. Kristen is honest, quirky, a little awkward, sensitive and sincere. I feel like I had permission to be more of myself after I read these stories.

Thirdly - Edward Cullen. Stephenie has a unique ability to make Edward seem so real. Every girl remembers the feelings she had with the first guy she loved, and the words that Edward says are always so perfect and captivating. With your first love, you just want to sit and listen to any word that comes out of their mouth. The words probably weren't perfect or healthy, but at the time you feel the weight of each and every one.  And they continue to linger in your mind and weigh down your heart with sentiment and exhilaration for months to come.

With that said...I LOVE TWILIGHT. And will probably read the saga every six months.

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