Thursday, June 24, 2010


Confessions about my life that I might be too embarrassed to tell you in person:

Confession #1. I'm lazy. I could sit on the couch for hours at a time with laundry everywhere, work undone, toenail polish chipping, and not even care. As long as I have a book, my computer, MTV and a snack, I'm set.

Confession #2. I hate working out. And I only do it when friends are doing it so I can shamelessly guilt them into talking to me. I would do anything for friends. I want to be skinnier, but then again...I'm lazy.

Confession #3.  I've read the Twilight books more in the last month than I've read the Bible.

Confession #4. I love Twilight so much that I bought Twilight plates and napkins for my 25th birthday party.

Confession #5. I have a hard time being around people that are making bad life decisions. People that aren't living up to their potential and are willingly ignoring it frustrate me. Some people don't realize they're meant for more.

Confession #6. I'm afraid that I might love my cat more than I might love my future children. And yes I'm being serious.

Confession #7. I hated my hair on my wedding day.

Confession #8. I LOVE McDonalds cheeseburgers. And fries. And Coke. Go ahead, judge me.

Confession #9. My dream job would involve novel reading, lots of people, naps, kittens and snacks.

Confession #10. I've spent the last hour and a half watching interviews with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, aka Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from Twilight.


Katie J said...

Mary... you're facebook update led me here to your confessions. i am not kidding when i say i think we are kindred spirits, probably in all of these confessions. and also, of course, as part of the hatred club of someone. just had to tell you. keep up the cheeseburger eating, twilight reading, non exercise, lazy self. i am right there with you.
--katie jordet

Katie J said...

i should have proof read that first

Dana said...

Mary, like an upside down kitty, you're baring your tender underbelly and your honestly is endearing. From what you've shared, I've learned you celebrate your friends and want the absolute best for them, you recognize greatness and potential, you have a vivid and wild imagination and honor the authors who craft the worlds you disappear into, you 'get' grace, and your dress-rehearsal for motherhood is apparently a big hit. Can't comment on the hair, but chances are if you hated it, everybody else was probably thinking 'now there's an interesting look'. I think you're a dear and Happy Birthday, whenever it is!

frankienicole said...

i love you. and remember those days when we did sit on the couch all day Gchatting the people sitting next to us and eating salsa? those were the good days. marathon tv days and never exercising.
i miss you. and i share in most of those confessions. minus the twilight reading and the hating your hair on your wedding day.
gah. i hate exercise.