Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grey, You are beautiful.

This past weekend we painted our dining room grey. And I LOVE IT. The room has white bead-board around the bottom half and gets tons of light during the day, so I think it looks really classy and nice. I'm pretty sure my mom's jaw dropped to the floor when I told her I wanted to have not one, but two rooms be painted grey. But Pinterest has told me that grey is "in", so I assumed it to be the final authority.

So here is our room freshly painted. I re-stained the chairs so they haven't been added to the table set-up just yet. I'm also working up something great for the walls. And for the table. And by working up I mean I'm spending hours on Pinterest pinning the endless possibilities I'll never be able to afford.

In a dream world, our dining room would look something like this.

And here is the newest addition to our den. Again, sorry for the phone picture. It brings in turquoise, lime and burnt orange which will be great to incorporate over the next few months in vases, pillows, curtains, etc. I wish there was more of a blue palette in the picture but I can't have everything.

It makes me feel good to have some sort of design progress. Slowly but surely this is starting to feel more like home.

In other news, my progress with Lucy the dog has been somewhat lacking. And by lacking I mean to say that I have kind of a terrible attitude about her. How in the world do you paint your nails, re-stain furniture or make dinner with a 52 pound dog nipping at your feet, sitting on your legs, or whimpering when you ignore her? Although most people probably peg me for a neat freak, I do not however like swiffering her fur off the floor every third day. Or lighting candles continuously to mask the smell of our downstairs. Nor do I like having to walk into the wet grass so that she will feel comfortable enough to walk into it herself and pee.

But the good news is Lucy is still alive and happy as a clam. The bad news is that I am not a good sport when it comes to revolving my life around her. When I have other things I want to do without distraction. Like read my book. And paint my walls. And watch reality tv. And craft.

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