Monday, August 22, 2011

Curtain Project.

I went shopping this weekend and had ZERO luck finding curtains for our den. The art we have has such a mix of neutrals, burnt orange, lime, and bright turquoise. I ended up buying a few options but none of them felt quite right. So I grabbed these beauties out of a drawer upstairs (the ones I couldn't live without from West Elm, but had no home for), and threw them up on the rod. Not too shabby, huh? The darker shade is a mushroom-ish kind of color with a little bit of brown and a little bit of grey. The in-between color is a light but bright blue. So not the most matchy-matchy, but I think they look pretty good!

We also painted our formal living room (ugh. aren't formal living rooms outdated yet?) a light grey that is really pretty, but it doesn't get a ton of light so the living room almost looks darker than the dining room. But whatevs. I'll pretend that its my favorite paint job I've ever done to save myself from the shame of it looking clash-y.

And we hung three pictures above our bed to the tune of $7.50 a piece thanks to Michael's and their love for coupons. One is of San Francisco, one is of Grand Teton, and the other is of the sunset over Beirut. I'll post a picture of those later (when my bed is made). They are really beautiful.

Slowly but surely we're makin' progress! Now I'm ready to stop working and start new books and catch up on TV shows and cooking endeavors. And also find ways to re-claim the friendships I lost throughout this housing transition. If I owe you a call - I WILL CALL YOU. AND YOU WILL ANSWER. Jk. You don't have to answer, but I do love you and want to talk to you. Badly. So please answer. :)

Love love.

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lauren henderson said...

i think they're perfect!