Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweet Friends

If you know me, you know I love people and community. I never tire of being around people. I love deep conversations. I love externally processing. I love being pushed and challenged. I love feedback and encouragement. All things people related I LOVE.

And this week I've been blessed to hang out with a close friend every day for the last 4 days. What an amazing treat. Wednesday I hung out with Kristin, my dear friend who's getting married in 5 months!!! She and I went to teach the girls at Wellspring then went to Yoforia. If you're wondering what heaven will be like (and Judy Franklin hasn't taken you on a trip) then you should stop in yoforia and get pineapple frozen yogurt. Its delish. (Kristin is in the white shirt).

Thursday Christina and I went on a walk by the river, then to Panera. She is the kind of friend whos not afraid to walk through the valley with you. She'll roll up her sleeves and get dirty while the storm winds blow in your life. She's incredible. (This is her and I in Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Friday I hung out with Natalie- my work buddy. She and I went to Fellini's with Libby Gray and Walter then we made cookies. Libby Gray loves to help with projects so we had fun. Natalie sees me at my best and my worst every day. I should apologize for the poor influence I have on her while at work.

Tonight I hung out with Evie, one of my closest and most sincere friends. We went to Blue Moon Pizza then came back to my place and chatted. She's an amazing woman, full of wisdom, grace and peace. I love just hearing her talk and process. Sometimes I want to take notes on the comments she makes because she's so intuitive. She's on the far right of this picture.

There you have it, a week with great friends. I realize this blog won't mean much to many people, but I LOVE FRIENDS and this week (albeit hard bc of work) was made better by 4 sweet girls that I love more than anything.

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