Thursday, April 15, 2010

His Glory Appears

There are some days where all I want to do is steal away. Get some good worship music and my journal, and let life fade into the distance. God is stirring things up in a big way. The atmosphere has started to shift. The worship has started to go deeper, and the deepest longings of my heart are starting to bubble up to the surface. God's presence is addicting to me. His love, His kindness, His sweet words... It has gotten harder and harder to go into work in the morning because I am always worshiping in my car. I hate to break the intimate feeling I have with God...I know that I live out of a place of intimacy with Him, but when I'm working my attention is divided.

I just love God's presence. He is so good. He loves to give good gifts to His children. He loves to tell us what's on His heart. He loves to heal our darkest recesses. He loves to help us forgive. He loves to give us peace that sinks down deep. He loves to turn tears of sadness into shouts of joy. He longs for us to know Him. To desire Him the way He desires us. To crave His presence. To love the things that He loves. To pray the things that are on His heart. To declare His promises to all tribes and tongues.

How do you develop that kind of intimacy with God? Spend time with Him. Love on Him. Let Him love on you. Soak in His love. Ask Him why He loves you. Ask Him what He calls you. Ask Him what you're wearing when He looks at you.

And I'll never be the same again.

Check out this video- it's a song I've been listening to recently.

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Crystal said...

Great song :) I totally know what you're saying here ... sometimes I feel like I just can't get enough of God - I want my own little "God space" that I can just escape to when the world feels like it's pulling me in all different directions. Like if I just had a place that could be my retreat place, I'd be there at least 4 times a week! And then when I do make the time to steal away for just a few minutes, I seem to loose track of time and feel interrupted by the real world around me.

Oh what a balance our life here on earth has to be...