Friday, August 1, 2014

Perhaps This is the Moment

What if today was meant to be the most significant day of your life? What if you're meant to contribute something more powerful to the world today, than you were yesterday? What if you are more significant and influential than you ever realized?

What would you change? How would you invest in today? 

My current stage of life is hard. It is beautiful and messy and precious, but at the end of the day, it is still hard. And my biggest challenge to myself to get through the hard days is to invest in myself in some small way each day. Anne Lamott would call this 'radical self-care.' This means that I will intentionally take care of myself in a way that makes me feel human. Makes me feel significant. And some days that just means that I take an extra long walk, or spend 15 more minutes with the book I've been admiring on my bedside table. But other days 'radical self-care' means Starbucks, dinner out with a group of friends, or a weekend away. 

And I'm convinced that if I don't care for myself in the small ways each day, I'll get wrapped up in the hard. And I'll miss the beautiful and the significant. 

I might even miss that one moment that would change the course of my life story, or even yours. 

I want to be ready for life's sacred moments. Not wishing that it was still yesterday or wishing that it was tomorrow. I want to soak in today's moments, and not only be present for them, but come at them with a full heart and an eagerness to play a part in their significance. 

So let's all take care of ourselves so that we don't miss an opportunity to impact the world. 

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