Monday, August 11, 2014

A letter to Rowan

To my precious Rowan,

These last 11 weeks with you have been the most exhilarating weeks of my life. I was naively unprepared for what life would look like with a newborn, however God was so kind when He gave us you. Despite how tired your dad and I have felt each day, you have remained the joy in our lives. We take such pride in taking care of you. We love brushing your hair when you get out of the bath, wrapping you in blankets, listening to your baby sneezes, playing music to calm you down, and reading books to you each night. We sneak into your room time after time each night just to look at you. We can't believe that you're ours.

Watching you start to smile in the middle of the night when we'd get up with you was one of my favorite moments. And those middle-of-the-night smiles turned into every morning smiles, and now they've become a constant part of your day. They are radiant and pure, and we feel like we get glimpses of heaven every time we see them.

We've loved getting to show you the world. Taking you to the beach and mountains, out to dinner, through long walks in the park, and all sorts of gatherings. We love telling you about the people you'll meet and the experiences you're going to have. Introducing you to our amazing friends who have also prayed for you has been so special. It has taken a village to get us to this point, and we'll continue to need that village for the years to come. You are loved dearly by so many.

Every day I am faced with the fact that I am building your foundation, and shaping the way you see the world.  I want to not take that for granted. I want to invest in you in as many ways as I can, especially when you're little and I have the opportunity. Gradually you'll start to embark on your own grand adventure in the world, and my prayer is that you will always feel rooted in love. We loved you long before we met you, and that love only grows with each passing minute.

At this age, you are awake and alert for most of the day. Your eyes watch everything in the room, and you love listening to music. Sitting outside or taking a bath can calm the most violent of your tears. You grin constantly, and love to raise one eyebrow at a time. You hate having a wet diaper, and we're banking on that making potty training super easy. You have started sleeping through the night, and taking really great naps (although you tend to flail your arms and legs so much that it takes you awhile to actually fall asleep). But you sleep soundly and we're so thankful for that.

We love you to pieces and are so excited to see who you become.

Thanks for being part of our family.

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