Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Job Perks and Life Snapshots

So it looks like my most recent posts have just been a compilation of pictures I've taken over the last week or two. Which I'm okay with. We've had birthdays, our anniversary, and just random work stuff going on. Patrick started a new job 3 weeks ago so he's making the horrendous Buckhead commute as well. 

But on the upside, we have had some incredible new perks at my work that make me really LOVE going into the office (and bearing the terrible commute). First of all, we now have a fully stocked beer fridge. Praise God. Working in client services has the tendency to drive you to drink. And I'm not ashamed. Secondly, we now have 'Freestyle Fridays' which means - no meetings, no check-ins, and don't come into the office. Everyone works from home on Fridays now, so all of our catered Friday events will be moved to Monday. As well as our weekly massages. Thirdly, and on that same note, we can now work from home 4 days a week! I'm doing a bootcamp with work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I will not be participating in all four days, but having the option is awesome. Lastly, we now have the option of getting our car washed and detailed once a month, AS WELL AS getting our HOUSE cleaned once a month. Can the benefits get any better!? Poor Patrick is finally going to have a clean house. He's going to be so excited! 

So with that said, here are some snapshots from the last two weeks. I have a lot of pictures on my nice camera, but haven't had a chance to upload those yet. But they'll be on their way soon! I hope. :)

KILLER butt work-out from Natalie at Fresh Life Findings. Trust me, you need to this. And if you think it's hard, remember that Natalie runs for 2+ miles AFTER completing it. Ugh. Over-achievers. Jk. :)

This is a pretty hilarious card I gave Patrick for his birthday. Sorry for the lack of class on this one. :)

One of the pieces of jewelry Patrick gave me for our anniversary. It's so beautiful!

MY GLORIOUS NEW FOOD PROCESSOR. I'll post more pictures of my recipes soon.  This is my first batch of salsa in it. It was pretty awesome.

We went to Lake Wylie for Memorial Day weekend, and spent LOTS of time with this little bug. 

My perfect morning.

Love watching the sunrise on the dock. Sweet iPhone picture too, I'm pretty impressed.

The King of Pops came to visit at work!

My Georgia Peach popsicle that I have attempted to replicate at home. Pureed peaches and agave nectar. Pretty hard to beat. 

Do you see what I see? Apparently 'vajazzling' is a popular trend that is exactly what you think it is.  'To bedazzle oneself in the nether regions'. You're welcome.

Our newly hung wine racks!!! They are awesome and look great against the dark gray wall.  If only we had an unlimited wine supply to populate these racks... then we'd be in business.

My newest piece of home decor. An antler from Alaina at Recycled Interiors.

Make sure to check out Natalie's blog for her great work-outs and recipes! They are all really awesome, and if you see how fit she is, you'd be crazy not to take some advice from her! I'm still hobbling around after that butt work-out. 


Anonymous said...

Mary!!! Your job seriously isn't real. Next you will have a butler feeding mojitos as you types on your laptop and get massaged at the same time while bailey and lucy are chillin at the beer fridge.
Thanks for the shout-out! I'm sore from the butt workout yesterday. Love!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I think I typed that a little too fast.. feeding you* mojitos as you type*