Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What do you think?

So the lime... a little too bright? I know I'm changing this page constantly, but for some reason I can't ever be completely happy with the look of this blog. I want things to be clean and simple, but if we're honest, I'm not really clean or simple. I'm kind of spastic and like lots of color and clutter. So this is my hybrid of cleaner, but still bright and a little bit me.

As for the lime...I have somewhat of an obsession with lime. So much of an obsession that I probably have 15 green bags, my walls are lime, my sheets are lime, and it seems to be my one go-to color for every room, book cover and stationary. I'm actually embarrassed when I think of how deep lime green runs in my apartment. Patrick's probably totally over it, but what can you do. The money's all been spent on lime and none of it is returnable. Too bad, so sad.

In other news, I wish I could wear yellow. But lucky for me, yellows not in this season. So even if I wanted to wear it, it's practically impossible to find.

However this cute dress might make it into my shopping cart this evening- it screams spring and sandals and flowers to me. I love a new dress. And clothes. And shoes and bags. So sue me.

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