Monday, January 17, 2011

A Look Back at 2010

Sorry, I couldn't resist a quick re-cap of 2010. I thought I could do it, but alas...I can't.

2010: A year of learning and owning mistakes. Of developing relationships and communication habits. Of reading and eating a little bit better. Of traveling and being still. Decorating and re-decorating. Deciding what my dreams are and what they aren't. Of encouragement and letters. And most importantly, of learning that I don't have to be or look like anyone else for people to like me.

 In 2010, I...

Traveled to Colorado, Las Vegas, the Middle East, Miami, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Yellowstone. Hello sky miles that all got used up on ONE flight. I haven't yet forgiven Delta.
Started an etsy shop and made a small profit!
Led my first mission trip.
Got a new camera and lens that is fabulous, although I'm still not great at using all its features.
Got a little more regularity to a work-out schedule (however I also took several LONG breaks, lets be honest)
Read Pillars of the Earth (for which I should get a medal).
Changed apartments and initiated the house hunting process (yikes).
Made a lot of mistakes that made relationships better, but I'm still not totally sure that they were worth it.
Finished 2nd year of ministry school and came away with a very clear idea of what I want to do.
Got a new co-worker that is super fun and very sarcastic- so Nat and I enjoy her tremendously.
I watched tv. a lot. and then I watched some more.
Honed my sarcasm skills for the benefit of Jacquelyn and Alex.
Ran the Peachtree Roadrace AND DIDN'T GET A T-SHIRT. Im still bitter, not even going to lie about that. So bitter that I might not ever run it again. Did I mention I hate running?
Stopped buying lip gloss at every CVS, Target, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens I entered - but I might have started buying Gap chapstick instead (which is terribly more expensive).
Joined a Social Media Mastermind Group - yep, I'm kind of a nerd.
Said good-bye to my dear friend Daniel who moved back to California.
Planned my first conference that did NOT go off without a hitch, but at least I learned what NOT to do.
Tasted wine in Napa Valley, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, put my hands in the prints of celebrities at Graumann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, and FINALLY visited Lauren in Pasadena.
Successfully avoided camping and water skiing. Let's be honest, I love showers and don't want to admit that I don't like to try new things. I'm somewhat of a creature of habit. My dad says we have a shallow gene pool.

So after writing all these things down, I realize that 2010 was more of a successful year than I thought. At least personally- not necessarily for the greater good. :) Hopefully I'll get a resolution-ish list up for 2011 (to which one of them will be, "find a way to still feel like I'm in college"). 

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