Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today- I didn't whip my hair.

I have nothing humorous or interesting to post today. So it's ok for you to skip this post.

I've had to deal with a couple of issues lately that have really tested my character, and although I feel like I made the right decisions, my relationships just aren't the same anymore. People have wanted me to air on the side of lesser integrity. Which I understand, because I know they weren't as affected by these problems the way that I was. But it is still hard because I want to honor all people involved, and I can't really tell everyone the whole story. So I have to trust that standing for this issue was the right thing to do, and that I did it the right way regardless of how everyone else feels about it. Hopefully by me standing up to it, no one else will have to deal with it later on. Sorry for the ambiguity, but it's probably better that the blog-world doesn't read about the details. :)

I'm ready for a change. I spend a lot of my time in a work environment that isn't necessarily the most empowering or edifying. There are pieces of the job that I still enjoy, and pieces that I'm ready to let go of. I want something fresh. Something that I'm passionate about that I can put my whole heart into. Right now I feel like I have so many skills that aren't being used, and I want to get to a place where my strengths are being used to make a difference and to make things better. I'm ready to work on a team. To do projects and build relationships. To have people around me that want the best for me. To have my own desk and work space. And to just live for something bigger. I don't know what that will even look like (although I have ideas), but I'm open to change and am anxiously anticipating the next step. (Save me a lecture on living for today because I'm tired of those, jk).

In other news, I'm debating getting bangs. I love not having them, but they're so in right now. And I want to be in. Duh, who doesn't? So we'll see where that goes.

Love you all. In the words of Alex, do good things today.

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