Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Homeless Outreach


What each picture is all about:

1. Scott Thompson got a word at Jesus Culture Dallas that whenever he'd go into a city, there would be a white-breasted hawk as a symbol that God is giving him the keys to that particular city. From the moment we got to the parking lot for our outreach Christmas party, a white-breasted hawk flew into a tree that overlooks the parking lot. He stayed til we started to pack up.

2. The Hug Line: All the homeless men had to line up and come through our "Hug Line" in order to get a Christmas gift (hygiene kits, blankets, ponchos, hats, gloves, and scarves), coffee, hot chocolate, candy and cake. 

3. Our friend Jonathan got up out of his wheelchair for the first time in TWO YEARS about 3 weeks ago. He's been practicing walking every day and wanted to take 2 laps around the parking lot to show us how good he's been getting. He has had severe rhumatoid arthritis, but God is healing him more each day. 

4. These four are all significant. The top left corner is our weekly homeless outreach team praying in the parking lot. This is the parking lot where all the men gather to get hot meals from other churches, and lots of love from us. We have taken back this territory for the last 5 months and are seeing incredible changes happen...people leaving and getting jobs, people getting healed, people wanting to pray with us for their friends....and so much more. The top right corner is Warren holding Jonathan's hand as they walked around the parking lot. "Every place that the sole of your foot treads will be yours" Deut 11:24. The bottom left picture is of Drew Kaiser praying before going down to the parking lot. And the bottom right picture is of Ralph praying over all the beds that the men sleep in every night. 

Blogger won't let me post any more pictures right now, but I'll add some a little bit later. 

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