Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Homeless Outreach Continued

Round 2

1. Top left: Homeless man that we have been getting to know. Top right: the guy in the yellow shirt danced and worshipped the whole time we were down at the parking lot. Paul, Sherri, Kristen, Stevie and a few others brought instruments and sang Christmas songs, and this guy was dancing 45 minutes before they started and all the way up until we left. Bottom left: this guy had been shot in both legs a few years ago, and has never been able to walk without his leg brace and cane. He got completely healed and the rest of the afternoon walked around carrying his cane and his brace. Bottom right: Scott prayed for this guy who has been deaf since birth, and slowly he started being able to hear noises from certain distances, and by the end his ears completely opened up and he could hear whispers.

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