Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday, my friends Daniel, Drew and Pat and I all went on a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt is where you pray beforehand and make a list of all the things God gives you. Our list was as follows:

white shirt with writing
right leg (knee down to foot)
golf clubs
funny black glasses
brace-pole (we don't know what that is exactly)
a specific ring

So this was our list of images God gave us. The only thing related to a location was Godiva, so we went to Lenox mall. The idea behind a treasure hunt is to pray for the people that you find that have to do with something on the list. For example, if someone got a word about a red baseball hat, we'd look for a red baseball hat and ask that person if they need prayer for anything.

We first found a girl with dreds and we asked how we could pray for her. She said her mom Nancy is in the hospital with cancer, so we asked if we could pray for healing for her mom.

After several laps around the mall with no luck, we ended up back at Godiva. Then to our surprise, we saw that there was a golfing store across the way from Godiva! So we waiting there for a little bit to see if God brought any people by.

Sure enough, a lady struggling to walk went by us with her husband and grandson. We asked what was wrong and if we could pray for her. She said she has terrible arthritis in her knees and the doctor told her it would cost $100,000 to do knee replacement surgery on both knees (she didn't have insurance). She couldn't afford it so the doctor said that she'd be in a wheelchair in the next year or two due to the severity of the arthritis in her legs. We asked if we could pray for her and she said absolutely. While Pat had his hands on her knees, he felt movement in her knees. After we prayed she said that it felt like something was crawling in her knees and filling in all the missing cartilage. We asked her to stand up and try out her knees. Even just sitting and standing had been painful before. She stood up and was so surprised there was no more pain! She started standing on each foot one at a time, then she knelt all the way to the ground and moved all around. God completely replaced her knees!!!

Her hands here really stiff and red, and she said she had a nerve disease of sorts and that her hands were always numb and stiff. It's been years since she has been able to bend her fingers, so much so that driving has been difficult for her. Pat and I held her hands and prayed for the nerve damage in her hands and that the nerves would regrow and be fully restored and healthy again. Immediately the redness left her hands and they stopped shaking. She could bend all of her fingers and make a fist! Praise the Lord! Then Daniel noticed that her ring was the one in his vision!

We prayed for her husband's sinus and ear problems (he had on big combat boots), then for their grandson's vision in his right eye. God completely restored his vision to 20/20 and he was able to read anything in the mall that we pointed at.

A little bit later on after they had laughed and cried and moved on, we all sat down at Starbucks for a little bit. After about half an hour, the woman and her husband and grandson came down the escalator and walked right up to us. She said she wanted to find us because she forgot to tell us about her foot problems. We prayed and the burning she had been feeling for the last 10 years went completely away! Her right leg was the one with the most pain in her knee and foot which was Drew's word for a woman's right leg. And just because God is good, the woman had an off-brand pair of tennis shoes that were named "Drew." If that wasn't a sign to Drew then I don't know what is!

A little bit later Patrick sent me a text (he had been praying for our treasure hunt) and asked if we prayed for a woman's hands! He said he prayed a lot but that was the only picture he really got. So that was also confirmation that God wanted to heal this woman at the mall. We also found out that they were from Tennessee and were just down for a visit. So God had really set up a divine appointment for them!

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lauren said...

This is amazing! I love how God rewards obedience, even when we can be a little slow sometimes to step out in our authority. I can't wait for this summer, when I get to join you in your treasure hunts!
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Col 3:17