Friday, March 14, 2008

Can you be a sinner and still be saved by grace?

A good friend of mine has a blog that I enjoy reading from time to time. However, his most recent entry was a little bit different. The point of this entry is how no one is good, and so we spend our whole life trying to be good. He comes at this from a Christian angle which is a little bit discouraging. The influence of this particular entry came from a philosopher that works at the school my friend teaches in. He also is a believer...but somehow, things have gotten lost in translation between here and the cross.

Here is my response to his blog entry:

"I think we get wrapped up in the "im a sinner" rather than the "saved by grace" part of the statement. The thing with Christianity and Jesus is that we are good post Jesus. we have the mind of Christ. we are children of the King. We have a new nature. the old has gone and the new has come. not the old is sorta gone and it still lingers a little bit. no. its gone. we are new creations. loved by God. made pure by Him. When we still claim to be a sinner and hang out on that side of the Truth, we miss not only the beauty and importance of the cross, but we also miss out on knowing our true identity and the abundant life that flows from being confident in who we are in Christ. we are dead to sin, but alive in Christ. we need to walk in boldness believing in who we are. some of us are so held back because what we believe that we are is not really who God says that we are. we are free. we are new. we are restored. we can have confidence that now we are saints, and no longer sinners."

So if you consider yourself saved by grace and made new in Christ, then you are no longer a sinner, but a saint. no longer a slave but a son.

We have to believe that.

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