Thursday, May 1, 2014

Creative Expressions

I've found that I'm developing a mild obsession with all things handwritten and colorful. But with custom work at every turn on the internet, how can you not want more unique, hand-crafted touches in your life? 

This etsy shop was featured on Young House Love over a year ago, and I have been admiring all of silvertreeart's work since that day. With a new babe on the way, I finally splurged and picked a couple of fun prints for the nursery/bathroom. I'm semi-obsessed. 

And to make matters worse, this girl just posted some amazing stationary that is to die for. It is a little bit outside my price range, but man, it is stunning. If I could order it all, I would. Or if I could just write like her, or make custom cards like her...or just be crazy cool like her, then I'd like all that too.

Let's all just make a pact to write more hand-written notes so that we can hoard some of these beautiful stationary pieces for ourselves. Deal?


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