Friday, July 26, 2013

Atlanta living

1. VIP TI/Lil Wayne concert at Lakewood - why don't I go to more rap shows? This night was incredible. I stayed til the end.

2. Pimento cheese and bacon spread at Victory Sandwich Bar

3. Jack and coke slushies at Victory Sandwich Bar - an Atlanta staple in Decatur. You can get a single or double, or choose from one of their 10 other seasonal drinks. I also recommend the Pain Destroyer.

4. Work parties at Whiskey Blue and Park Tavern - jeez we love parties. And photo booths. And Jaeger bombs. And food. And dancing. And djs. And our co-workers. 

5. First trip to Monday Night Brewing 

6. User group in Denver, CO with Pardot and ReadyTalk - went to T|aco (the urban taqueria) and 1 Up to play Big Buck Hunter with Sweezey and Anita. I'm a terrible shot. 

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