Sunday, February 10, 2013

Karaoke for life

This past week we went to Happy Karaoke on Buford Highway (and it was every bit as shady as one would imagine). But I'm really becoming fond of karaoke as I think everyone loves to sing, regardless of how good you are. And I, am absolutely terrible. Seriously, I'm unimaginably bad. But IT IS SO FREAKIN' FUN!! And then you add in some folks from work, highly inappropriate songs, and beer... and you have an awesome night. 

Aaannndd I'd just like to add that my contribution was the Thong Song by Sisqo. Don't judge me.
Lovely Libby Gray and my dad at our tried and true favorite Mexican place
Celebrating the beautiful bride-to-be, Cameron!
Some of the girls from the shower. I LOVE them. I always feel good and full after leaving, especially after having laughed so hard I cried for hours. They are incredible women and I'm blessed to get to rub shoulders with them. Can't wait for Cam's big day!! Its going to be incredible.
Meeting HaRim's cousin Yooha. In Korea all siblings have matching names. Yooha's sister is Yoo Jin. HaRim's brother is WooRim. And the list of unpronounceable/unspellable names goes on and on and on.

Feeble run attempts:

My sweet dog:

My first batch of guac - it was KILLER:

My running buddy, Lucy

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