Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Spring

I apologize for the lack of writing these last three weeks. I've had a lot to say, and putting it all down to pen and paper has felt a little too overwhelming. And part of me wants this blog to be purely fun. With touches of seriousness sprinkled throughout. Then on another hand I want to bare my soul. To say everything I need to say, and process everything I need to process... in hopes that I can partner with someone else when they face similar challenges. But the tricky thing is that I never want to hurt anyone's feelings. But we all have to process events, relationships, books, workplaces, etc. and sometimes that's just messy. But how else do we really learn who we are and what we need? Sometimes the strongest bonds are forged out of periods of stress or frustration with one another.

I had dinner with Christina and Stephanie last night, two of my best friends that I know are with me for the long haul. And Christina and I were chatting about the process our friendship had to go through in order for us to truly value and love one another well. Because she is the exact opposite of me. But I would fight heaven and hell to see her boundaries maintained, and for her to have the alone time, and the space that she needs to be healthy. And she gently reminded me that it has taken years to build up the kind of love and trust that we have for each other. We have had lots of fights, taken a few 'breaks,' but have emerged as tried and true, deeply connected friends. And at this point, I don't know of anything that could separate us, because of the raw life that we've done together and pushed through, communicated about, and learned to honor each other through.

In other non-serious news, here are some pics from the last week or two. Just so you know that I have a normal life and do normal human-y things.

Our first blooming hydrangea! I'm lucky these things require nothing from me.

Natalie and Darin's stunning wedding in Vinings.

A fave iphone picture that I took on a run.

Love this quote. Inspired by Banning when talking about Nehemiah, and how we have to build the wall in front of us.

Fabric I'm looking at for our office. I'm extremely indecisive so nothing might ever come of this.

Attempting to grow a banana pepper plant. I forget to water plants, so they don't always last.

I got Lucy a new toy. And this is what happened within 30 minutes. You can't even tell it was a cow can you?

After a work fire drill (which requires everyone to walk down 34 flights of stairs), we had free ice cream and played red rover.

For a work event we went to Dip 'n Dab to paint "Abstract Splat"

Here was my painting halfway through. It got progressively worse from here.

Worship with Daniel and Liz at Carrie and Bronson's on Friday night. SO GOOD.

Stephanie and Christina at Cheeky.

Pardot voted best small workplace by the AJC.

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