Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dreams Pt. 2

Dream 1: I have had two dreams with the Obamas. The first one was:

Barack and Michelle Obama had come to Bethel Atlanta to visit. They were staying with the Coopers. The Coopers were showing them around their house.

Number 2:

Barack and Michelle wanted to start coing to ministry school and church with us. They wanted to be trained up by the Coopers and our teams. They came on several firestorms with our second year class, and kept asking lots of questions trying to understand how we did ministry.

The second dream about the Obama's is very significant. Paul Manwaring helped me to see the significance of it on Sunday at church through his message. He talked about how we need to get people out of the church. We shouldn't be training up followers...we should be training up leaders that will then take what they've learned and use it for the world. He said we should be having government leaders come to our church because of our training...because we are known for equipping and sending out, for giving vision, purpose, and tools to fulfill dreams. So that solidified that what he was saying was something that God was wanting to do. We need to get our talented and gifted believers out of the church so that the world can be impacted with God's love. It isn't the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick.

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