Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Tomorrow I leave for Guyana and I couldn't be more excited. The coolest thing to me is that we're the first mission team being sent out from Bethel Atlanta. Last night at school we had a chance to be prayed over and get words from everyone for our trip. That definitely revved me up like crazy. I feel like our whole class is getting to travel with us. We've become such a tightly knit group that one person's victory is everyone else's victory. So I know that we're going to advance the Kingdom and re-claim territory for more than just us. 

Guyana has a really unique mixture of people. It's one of the only non-Spanish speaking countries in Latin America and most of it's residents come from either Hindu and Muslim influence.  I've been fortunate enough to do lots of different mission trips before, but this is one trip that will be completely new and different and challenging to me. I'm excited to learn about the Guyanese culture and to really  be stretched. 

I've been reading the Happy Intercessor by Beni Johnson and it has revolutionized the way I pray for different things. It's all about how to get strategies from heaven on how to pray. What's been cool is that I've been digging into this book before our mission trip so its been neat to see some different things in God's heart for Guyana. I'll be excited to get down there and  see what I have heard clearly from God and what I haven't. It's so important that we keep checking ourselves and fine tuning our Spirit so that we can start to hear more clearly and act more effectively. God is so good and wants to show up in big ways in Guyana. I can't wait to see what happens!

Love you guys!

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Pumped for you! :)