Friday, January 30, 2009


I stole this from Cam...but changed her answers. :)

I Am: interested in everything
I Have: too much time on my hands some days at work
I Think: that i should get to play outside all day
I Know: that God is good
I Dislike: the dark
I Miss: Athens in the spring
I Fear: that no one likes me
I Feel: a little insecure most days
I Want: to do great things and travel the world
I Smell: my pomegranite Orbit gum in my purse
I Crave: warm cookies
I Cry: when i feel really lonely
I Usually: don't use my free time wisely
I Search: for the good in everything
I Wonder: why I can't adopt the whole continent of Africa and Asia
I Care: about orphans
I Love: PATRICK and kitties and Libby Gray and Melanie, Evie, and Jessica
I Regret: not investing in people better
I Always: love to get letters and flowers
I Worry: that we focus too much on what we disagree on rather than what we have in common
I Am Not: a big fan of vegetables, or even a small one
I Remember: the kindergarteners in Tokyo that wear yellow plastic hats and yellow boots
I Dance: in dressing rooms and in front of mirrors...always
I Don't Always: think before i speak
I Write: whenever something moves my heart
I Win: only at state capital contests
I Wish: I could spend time in every country in the world
I Argue: more than i should
I Listen: to the sounds of children all day
I Lose: at most games
I Don't Understand: why adults don't get a summer break or spring break
I Can Usually Be Found: watching America's Next Top Model, Ellen, or 24
I Am Scared: of the ocean
I Need: lots of people around me all the time
I Forget: how blessed i am
I Am: excited about lots of things

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